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You Can Change…

Our story starts out the same: a broken home.

We are Dave & Keri from Kenosha, WI who are here to proclaim God’s victory in our lives. We are imperfect people loved by a perfect God. And we’ve formed Rizzen to let you know the victory we’ve experienced. And help you share the same.

Dave’s Story…

I grew up in a fragmented, broken home where “rough childhood” would be an understatement. My father was an alcoholic and my mother battled MS, so times were very rough. As a hurting adolescent, I didn’t know where to turn. So, I went toward the one thing that made sense at the time: drugs & alcohol. Nights of getting high and days of drunkenness is what I had to get me through, or so I thought.

I hit “rock bottom” when I was around age 30. I figured life couldn’t get any worse. Fortunately, I was introduced to a 12-step program at the time and figured I didn’t have any way to go but up. As I sat through the program I began hearing about the victory in other’s lives. I had heard of Jesus Christ as a kid, but never really established a relationship with Him. Finally after weeks of the program and seeing others experience victory, I decided I needed that too. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began cleaning up my life. Through my recovery I gained so much more than freedom from drugs & alcohol. I gained a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that has changed …. everything.

Keri’s Story…

I grew up in an alcoholic home. By the age of 13 I left home and lived in foster homes, shelter cares, and on the streets. I was disowned by my parents and spent years seeking their approval. Sadly, it never happened. I did whatever I needed to do to survive. I found my escape in drugs and alcohol. Finally at the age of 30 I hit rock bottom. I was hopeless, worthless and truly wanted to die. I failed at life. I was introduced to a 12-step program. When attending a meeting, I saw someone from my past. He began to tell me his testimony. He told me he was saved, he found the love of Jesus and his life was forever changed! He prayed for me and told me everything he knew about the Lord. I saw a complete transformation in this man’s life and thought if God could save him, he might be able to save me too!

I began to earnestly pray to God. In the middle of the night I surrendered on my bedroom floor. Jesus answered my cry for help. I found out that I wasn’t worthless but worth the ultimate sacrifice! Psalm 27:10 states: Though my Mother and Father forsake me, the Lord will receive me. I spent years looking for this love in all the wrong places and I finally found it in Jesus Christ! My life has been transforming ever since. I believe the 12-step program was given to me as a gift. I needed a program to learn how to forgive and love myself all while building a relationship with my Lord. My heart is for women that are lost in the ways of this world. I pray they will find their worth in Jesus Christ and know they are God’s daughters. I hope they will receive His perfect love, and trust in following His ways!

Why Rizzen?

In the midst of our journeys to recovery, we’ve been given visions of how to take our stories of victory into the world. And soon we realized God was calling us to a Christian store, and more specifically, a Christian t-shirt company. This is how He wanted us to share hope. He has given us a vision not only for our Christian store but for the t-shirt designs themselves and for the funds from sales. Jesus Christ has saved us, made us happy, and we want to share that feeling of love and peace with others with our Chirstian store. Our clothing gives glory where it is due. We would be lost without the love of Jesus Christ, and we know others are in the same positions we were. Our hope is that someone who is looking for help sees an individual wearing our apparel and feels moved to do something real in their life. We feel that the clothing in our Christian store accomplishes that.

The clothing in our Christian store represents that God can use anyone and anything for his purpose and economy. The goal of our Christian store is that our clothing will plant seeds and bear fruit for Christ. We take joy knowing that our Christian store is benefitting lives and helping others bear fruit for God. Not everyone is ready to actively evangilize, but we feel that this is a small, but meaningful, step towards that.

Rizzen represents the message that Jesus Christ is alive, and He is here and now. He yearns for others to know Him. He yearns to set others free, and experience the same victory. We’ve been “Rizzen” up from our ashes (or in our case, our ash trays…) and become something beautiful. Our perfect God is using an imperfect man & woman to share his Love and healing. And we’re asking others who’ve also experienced Him to join us by wearing a shirt for the greater cause…

Kenosha Homeless Ministry

Our mission at Rizzen is to Wear the Word and get the Word out about Jesus Christ. Initially, that starts with t-shirts & hoodies. We desire other Christians who’ve also experienced the changing power of Jesus Christ to wear the Word and proclaim Jesus Christ with us.

Our bigger vision and prayer is that funds generated from our Christian store will build up a non-profit designed to feed the homeless and get them back into the workforce. Our vision is to start by building up a kitchen in downtown Kenosha (specializing in Wisconsin grilled cheese sandwiches, of course) that won’t only feed the homeless, but offer them work to get back on their feet, too.

Jesus Christ is love, and He can change your life. We’ve experienced that through our freedom from drugs & alcohol. And we know that He wants others to experience His change in their life too. We don’t have to stay stuck in our mess. With Jesus Christ, we can all become Rizzen!