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Wear the Word

Christian Clothing | Rizzen Christian Clothing

At Rizzen we offer Christian clothing that gets the Word out about Jesus. We desire other Christians who’ve also experienced the changing power of Jesus to proclaim Christ with us. 

The Bible tells us in James to be “doers of the Word,” not just hearers. That’s exactly what we strive to do at Rizzen. Our Christian clothing shares our story - and your story - with the world. And ultimately, our prayer is that many lives will be changed in the process. 

Christian Clothing - T-Shirts & Hoodies

Many impressions are formed by way of fashion. It takes two seconds to observe what someone is wearing and form an opinion or thought. We want to take advantage of that opportunity by sharing what Christ has done in our lives through our apparel. A t-shirt or hoodie proclaiming the truth of Jesus can open a door to share Jesus and the victory He brings.

Our Christian clothing can be a seed planted for somebody that could potentially grow into fruit that bears more fruit. Planting a seed doesn't have to be an active choice. It can be as simple as getting dressed in the morning. This is an easy change to make, but one that may reflect upon many lives.

Christian Clothing Makes A Great Gift

Give the gift of inspirational Christian clothing to your loved ones.  Our Faith, Footprints, or Love shirt designs are the perfect way to remind them of His love for all of us!  Our Freedom, Healed By Faith, and Stand designs allows the strong Christian in your life to share their story! Our clothes can be a great way for those shy ones to really express their love for Christ.

Helping the Homeless in Kenosha, WI

The heart behind Rizzen is two fold:
To Wear the Word through Christian clothing
To carry out the Great Commission and help the homeless

Our prayer is that funds from our Christian apparel will allow us to be the hands & feet of Jesus to the homeless in Kenosha, WI. We pray that the sales of our Christian clothing will allow us to fund a non-profit ministry that helps hungry, job-seeking homeless individuals get back on their feet and also experience the victory that we’re proclaiming at Rizzen.

Learn more about our vision for the Kenosha Homeless Ministry.

Christian clothing is a simple way to share your beliefs with the world. We offer Youth, Women's and Unisex Christian clothing. All items come in many different sizes, and most come in a wide selection of colors. No matter your personal taste, our apparel can be personalized to fit your taste. If you have any questions, please contact us today or call (262) 317-9050.


"My favorite T-shirt is "Freedom" I suffered from active addiction for years and the son has set me free!"

David B

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"I love my Way Truth Life T-shirt. It is super comfortable and I love that my children ask me what it means, giving me just another opportunity to share with them about God."

Amy D

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